Tony’s war on terror

By Vanessa Kairies
Earlier on in the year I was analysing a summary of the Budget.Of significant interest to me, was the tens of billions allocated to defence, including setting up a new military base in Afghanistan.I thought this was very odd at the time. I had many a conversation with folks trying to find out why. If we had pulled our troops out of Afghanistan, why were we spending billions to develop a new one? At this stage there was no talk of bombing Syria.Some in the media thought it odd too.Rosie Batty had been named Australian of the Year and the funding for domestic violence sat at around 3 or 4 million for an education program to be established. Compare the two amounts. Hello, Minister for Women. Big fail. Tony was heavily criticised in the press for this.Shortly after the media reports disapproving of these figures, the government changed their website and the information regarding the costing for defence disappeared.Flash forward to now.Tony made yet another captain’s call to bomb Syria. He didn’t hesitate. Discussions about this happened before any of the politicians decided to grow a conscience and take in refugees.

Tony was in an awful hurry to send Australia to war. Airstrikes to start off with, but you can bet your bottom dollar a ground war will follow.

Brace yourselves. Australia.

This article, ‘Israel grants oil rights in Syria to Murdoch and Rothschild‘ from 2013 showing Genie Energy’s interests in the oil fields in Syria is worth revisiting. It says, in part:

‘Israel has granted oil exploration rights inside Syria, in the occupied Golan Heights, to Genie Energy.’

‘Major shareholders of Genie Energy – which also has interests in shale gas in the United States and shale oil in Israel include Rupert Murdoch and Lord Jacob Rothschild.’

‘In a rational world, the involvement of Rothschild and Murdoch in this international criminal activity would show them not to be fit and proper persons to hold major commercial interests elsewhere, and action would be taken. Naturally, nothing of the kind will happen.’

‘For Israel to seek to exploit mineral reserves in the occupied Golan Heights is plainly illegal in international law.’

Then in July this year, this article ‘Israel exploits Syrian chaos to plan looting of Golan oil’ showed that‘ tells us that Israel is:

. . . now taking advantage of the chaos in Syria to look for precious resources to extract from the occupied Golan Heights. Israel relies heavily on imports to meet its energy consumption, and with frequent vicissitudes with its neighbors, its need for energy resources continues to shape the nature of its occupation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, as well as the Golan Heights.

With the Syrian government in disarray, Israeli authorities gave the go-ahead to Afek, a subsidiary of Genie Oil and Gas, to conduct drilling in 10 wells in the occupied Golan Heights in their search for fossil fuels.’

‘Genie Oil and Gas has some high profile investors and advisors: Media baron Rupert Murdoch, former US Vice President Dick Cheney, American hedge fund manager Michael Steinhardt and British investment banker Jacob Rothschild are all members of the company’s “Strategic Advisory Board.”


After reading all of this I am now questioning the motivation behind the air strikes on Syria. History has shown that many a war has been started to control the oilfields. This time, perhaps it is for oil and gas. Why now? After all, the crisis in Syria has been going on for 4 years.

Why all of a sudden has the Liberal Party done an about face on taking in refugees?

If there is going to be collateral damage, we better offset it with a token gesture of giving the lucky 12,000 Christians a new home. Interviewed, handpicked and forensically examined to see if they have any scarey baddie genes.

That and there are now votes in it. Public opinion has changed. It is amazing what one image can achieve.

The proposed intake of 12,000 Syrian refugees is a pitiful effort. Ironic too, considering the human rights abuses of those incarcerated in asylum seeker camps offshore are covered up, in secrecy, by our very own government.

If Abbott and Co are truly sympathetic, they would close down the Nauru and Manus Island detention centres too.

I have photographs of deceased children washed up on beaches from Syria, Palestine, Sudan and Libya. All were fleeing persecution and war. They may or may not be Christians, but are the same nationalities as some of those in prison offshore.

The UN has said that every person imprisoned on Nauru and Manus Island are genuine refugees.

We could save millions of dollars if they were closed and end the suffering of so many.

(Have a listen to how Fifi Box appraised the situation: ‘We have to deal with this. This is our country, this is our watch‘).

Here are a few words and definitions for the day and some food for thought for you all.

Terrorist: a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims.
Terrorism the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

Fascism: (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practices.

Oligarch: 1.a ruler in an oligarchy, 2.(especially in Russia) a very rich businessman with a great deal of political influence.

Oligarchy: a small group of people having control of a country or organization.

Yep, we tick all of the boxes.

2I never thought I would see the day Australia became a fascist country. Ruled by an oligarchy.

You may scoff, however in the eyes of some, this is the reality.

Tony Abbott and Co have effectively set up their own war of terror, step by step:

Step one: convince everyone that the bad guys are after us. We have seen this one develop over the years.

Step two: use this to justify the ability to control and spy on the public. The border force act and the meta-data-retention laws enabled this.

Step three: discredit anyone that stands in you way. Leave that up to the Murdoch tabloids.

Step four: appoint your mates to the positions that take away civil liberties. We saw this with the Gillian Triggs saga and her replacement Tim Wilson. I could go on.

It would be easy to conclude that the plan to bomb Syria was hatched a long time ago, all for the interests perhaps of Tony’s mate Rupert. The government just needed an excuse.

First, the Liberal Party had to convince Australia that our national security was at risk.

It’s all done and dusted now.

Author’s note:

Please feel free to visit my Facebook site and view my artwork and other thoughts (warning, some may contain images of deceased children).

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