The silenced majority

The silenced majority

By Vanessa Kairies

You wouldn’t want to be gay, transgender, bi-sexual, a refugee, a Muslim, a first Australian, homeless, unemployed, sick, facing retirement, in aged care or a young person looking at going to university.

Tony thinks they’re easy targets.


Yes Tony, we do exist and you’ve sold us and the rest of the country out to the mining companies (mostly foreign owned and those making excessive donations to the political parties – in exchange for some favour, I imagine). They currently control Australia, not the government ‘we’ elected.

Thanks Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrester and Gina Reinhart for setting the precedent for this.

It’s nothing new, of course, but I think it’s time to say “no more”. What about you?

Oh look, the Mafia are involved too.

It’s time to spring clean politics.

As we all know, the mainstream media feeds the public whatever news suits their political agenda, or what the donors and the mining companies hope to achieve.

And of course Rupert Murdoch owns 70 per cent of the print media in this country, and I would imagine that he has a great deal of influence over the political direction his newspapers will sway. I find it disgraceful that a foreigner (or anybody for that matter) can who can decide who is going to govern this country via his media influence.

He likes to keep the party that will toe the line in power. For his own benefit, of course.

Andrew Bolt, who made his fame by writing for Murdoch, is one of his pet puppets – who toes the line – but could you ever believe anything he writes? He is the perfect example (and there are many in the Murdoch media) that what you read is unlikely to be the truth. Everything, every word, is to fit the Murdoch agenda.

Unfortunately, if they get their heads stroked and their strings are pulled enough, it feeds their egos and they continue to grow.

Myself, I stopped reading anything from Murdoch a long, long time ago but people who can’t think for themselves continue to flock to him.

This clip (from 2012) of Gina Reinhart and Lord Monckton, both well known climate change denialists and both in all their glory might help prove my point.

It is still relevant today, and it is how Australia operates.

Australia is run by the elite, with the line firmly drawn between rich and poor.

Frankly, this is just not good enough for our beautiful nation.

Don’t believe me? Let’s have a look at the real news this week – the news that Murdoch doesn’t bother with.

Turning to the dire situation that is the asylum seekers . . .

Monday began with the Pope announcing that turning away refugees is ‘murder‘.

We didn’t see much about that one in the mainstream media. Gosh, I wonder why?

Here’s another bit of news: one of the victims of rape in a detention centre, has been refused medical treatment here in Australia. How appalling! Thank you ABC for this one. It’s good to see you still exist.

In Tuesday’s news, the government announced a change to their emission’s reduction targets.

I thought you didn’t believe in climate change Tony?

Guess what? It fell way below the level needed to ensure we don’t hit a target of 3-4 degrees.

Oh, didn’t you hear? We are already at 2 degrees. NASA announced that one a while back.

Tony Abbott got hammered in the media for this, something most uncommon.

Perhaps a spill is near. You can’t hide stupidity.

“What should we do?” they were saying amongst themselves, “We must save captain Tony from the pirates”.

“I know . . . let’s discuss marriage reform, that’s a safe bet, we can rig that one and it can be a distraction from other pressing issues that Rupert will help us by also ignoring”.

The Liberal Party were never going to vote in favour of marriage reform. They’ve made this point time and time again. The meeting was stacked with the Nationals being on board, it was destined to fail.

This mob are archaic!

In case you missed it, here is an interview that aired on Lateline, a short time after the meeting.

It is an interview with Mark Butler, who makes some very valid points.

Presenter John Barron begins by saying:

“Returning now to the story that was meant to be the big story today for the Federal Government, the issue of climate change and emissions reduction targets”.

The Abbott government needs to come clean with how they intend to make their new targets possible. They are all talk and no action.

I also applaud Adam Bandt for his speech. He hit the nail on the head.

Notice that these aren’t to be found in the Murdoch media?

11866340_407193066131500_781853589775134247_nAnd the unemployment figures are in too, though no-one except the independent media is really talking about it. Yet it should be making headlines all around the country.

Now to our first nation’s brothers and sisters . .  I wonder if there have been any more forced removals of people off their land in WA? That’s one to check up on, but you won’t find it in the Murdoch media. Again, only independent media is interested.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the elderly. I do respect my elders. If you are in aged care, you’re not really up to complaining about cuts to the budget. Again, it’s social media who are writing about it. In this case, you will note, it’s a Labor politician who has taken to Facebook to spread his message as it’s no use talking to Murdoch. He ain’t listening.

Finally, Canberra is being very quiet about the portfolios of health and education.

Quiet, as far as the Liberal Party goes, and this is not good. We need to be talking about it. Murdoch needs to be talking about it. Everybody needs to be talking about it.

So far, the government has failed to get any of their budget proposals passed. I am not surprised, as when it comes to these two portfolios they are failing miserably to serve the people.

The politicians serve us, not the other way around. A change is long overdue.

I wonder what would happen if all of these minority groups united? Those that I mentioned before: the gays, transgenders, bi-sexuals, refugees, Muslims, First Australian, homeless, unemployed, sick, those facing retirement, those in aged care or a young person looking at going to university. They can unite . . .

Bring on the next election, I can hardly wait. We will all be united.

In the meantime the government will continue to ignore our needs, as will the Murdoch media. They’re only interested in Tony’s scare campaigns. Scare campaigns win elections, so they seem to think

Note from author:

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